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Mohave County Supervisors slate public meeting on enforcement of COVID-19 rules on businesses – Kdminer


Nov 8, 2020

KINGMAN – After a “townhall” about face masks in Mohave County buildings that led to the mandate removal, the Mohave County Board of Supervisors has scheduled a public meeting with local business owners and citizens regarding COVID-19 safety measures for businesses affected by Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey’s executive order that placed additional burdens on businesses as restaurants.

The meeting is slated for noon on Monday, Nov. 9 and will take place at the county administration building at 700 W. Beale St. in Kingman.

The initiative came from Supervisor Hildy Angius of District 2, who said at the Nov. 2 board meeting that citizens and business owners deserve to be able to explain the consequences of the current COVID-19 safety measures on their businesses.

“They have a right to voice their concerns,” Angius said.

Angius deliberately didn’t ask for a townhall, as Chairwoman Jean Bishop suggested, because she wanted to make sure that both sides – not just the public – will be allowed to talk.

Angius is proposing taking another look at the governor’s executive order that, while committing the Mohave County Department of Public Health to some sort of enforcement of the order, allows local officials to decide how to enforce it.

Deputy County Attorney Ryan Esplin confirmed that is the case. He provided speeding as an example – the county can issue tickets or warnings.

The multi-layered process currently in place and being used by county health officials to enforce the order may be reconsidered.


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