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Marin Co. to shut down indoor dining due to new health order – KRON4


Nov 14, 2020

MARIN COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) – Marin County is following suit in shutting down indoor dining.

A new health order will go into effect come Tuesday November 17th.

Mix that with the rain, it is not helping businesses.

It’s been a roller coaster for the restaurant industry, who spent months getting their space COVID-ready and now it’s back to square one relying on takeout.

“We’re doing the best that we can and it’s a difficult time for all of us and we love your support and let’s all be kind to each other. This is our community restaurant and we want to stick around for a long time,” Karen Goldberg said. 

Tamalpie Pizzeria has been open for 8 years in Mill Valley, Karen Goldberg is the owner and just got word Friday that Marin County is shutting down indoor dining again.

Public health officials say COVID-19 cases have doubled in the past 10 days prompting tighter restrictions to limit further spread of the virus.

“I’m pretty nervous I got butterflies about the next week coming up,” Goldberg said. 

Like many restaurant owners, Goldberg has been taking advantage of the shared spaces program provided by the county, a parklette was built to accommodate tables outside but Friday the first rainfall of the season passed through, and preparing for outdoor dining has been challenging enough.

“The heaters I got on Craigslist for double the price because you can’t find the heater now. Home Depot, they’re all sold out everywhere,” Goldberg said. 

In Novato, not one customer outside at Moylan’s Brewery and Restaurant.

“Not good. It’s really hard because most people still want to sit outside so when it gets cold it’s rough on us more than it already is,” manager Melissa Schwartz said. 

The patio area has heaters and umbrellas but not enough coverage for the rain.

“We’re suffering a lot. our employees are suffering because we had to cut back on their hours and the business is suffering because we can’t have as many people as want to come,” Schwartz said. 

Melissa Schwartz is the manager at Moylan’s, her message to her customers.

“I love them all. I miss most of our regulars. Please support us by doing to-go orders. We’re here for that if you can’t come in or you feel uncomfortable come in just to do to go to keep us open and alive,” Schwartz said. 

Restaurants will have the weekend to make their money from indoor dining. Come Tuesday, other indoor activities like movie theaters and food courts must close.


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