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Weight loss: This woman lost 34 kilos by following Keto and Intermittent Fasting! – Times of India


Nov 17, 2020

Diet-wise, I made a lot of swaps and deletions from my life. Here are a few which helped me a lot:

-Eliminated carbs like Rice/ Flour/Maida from my diet unless it’s a cheat meal.

-I read the ingredients and nutritional facts of products before buying

-Stopped eating processed or canned food

-Eat more whole and healthy foods

What was the lowest point for you? I think the slip disc surgery could have been avoided, had my weight been under control. The health complications really scared me.

Lessons learnt from weight loss: Losing weight is a mentally strenuous challenge than it is a physical one. Once you take control of your mind, weight loss will automatically follow.

Also, remember that no one can force you to lose weight. The change has to come from within. Once you clear that hurdle, trust me, there is no looking back!

If you have a weight loss story to share, send it to us at toi.health1@gmail.com and we’ll feature you!


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