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La Crosse Co. at “crisis point” with COVID-19 – WEAU


Nov 19, 2020

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WEAU) – La Crosse County saw an increase of 204 cases of COVID-19 Wednesday, bringing the county’s overall total to 6,845.

The Coulee COVID-19 Collaborative shows COVID levels in the county are at a crisis point.

On average, one in three people tested for COVID-19 in La Crosse County are positive for the virus.

Hospitals are in distress and the public health department can’t keep up.

Mayo Clinic Family Medicine Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald says whether it’s Thanksgiving or Black Friday, anything with people grouped within six feet of each other and not wearing masks is going to spread the virus.

“If you around people in our community right now, there’s enough community spread, one of them is positive,” Fitzgerald said. “That’s just the facts that the numbers are telling us. So I don’t want to pick on the businesses that are trying to do their best to stay in business right now but, being around a whole group of people is an exceptionally bad idea.”

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