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Not all businesses on board with Gov. Stitt’s new restaurant and bar rules – KFOR Oklahoma City


Nov 21, 2020

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Some business are fighting back against Gov. Kevin Stitt’s new 11 p.m. bar and restaurant curfew while others are doing everything they can to adhere to the rules.

“We have a concert tonight and we’re gonna go forward with the concert,” said Steve Brack, owner of Western Nights.

Brack’s Northwest Oklahoma City business is taking a risk this weekend.

They’re staying open late, despite Stitt’s new rules.

“We’re open six hours a night, two nights a week. That’s 12 hours a week we have to do our business,” Brack said.

Earlier this week, Stitt handed down restrictions on bars and restaurants. They have to stop serving at 11 p.m. except for to-go and drive-thru orders.

Brack says he considers his business to be a music venue, not a bar. But he says ABLE considers him a bar.

“They do not know if we’re considered a bar or a club or venue. I’d say we’re a club music venue because we have the big stage. We do national, regional, local artists. We have the dance floor,” Brack said.

On Thursday, Mayor David Holt asked Oklahoma City residents to stay home for the next 10 days. 

Brack argues the city isn’t lawfully enforcing Stitt’s order.

“What we’ve found out is the governor is not using the riot act in this particular shut down at 11 o’clock, but Mayor Holt is using the Riot Act,” Brack said.

Across town, the owner of Hopscotch is going above and beyond to keep his business up and running, even putting up clear shower curtains and Plexiglas between customers.

“To move the tables, it would be really detrimental to us, so we decided to put up shower curtains,” said Joe Jungmann, the owner of Hopscotch.

Usually open until 2 a.m., Jungmann says he’ll be closing his doors at 11 p.m.

The same decision was made at this bar in Midwest City.

“This is really financially straining, not just to the owners but also to all our employees,” said Randy Abbott, the owner of Bamboo Room.

But the owner of Western Nights says he’s not ready to back down just yet.

“We have not seen the order. We’ve been given four to five different directions by different people. Nothing’s clear,” Brack said.

Brack said his lawyer sent a letter to Holt on Friday, asking about the Riot Act. The city tells us they will be reviewing it.

Right now, it’s still unclear if music venues and clubs fall under the governor’s orders.



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