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6 deaths, 1,150 new COVID-19 cases in ND; active cases statewide are 10,244 – KX NEWS


Nov 23, 2020

The North Dakota Department of Health Friday morning has confirmed 1,150 new cases of COVID-19 in the state during testing November 21, bringing the total positives since testing began to 72,683.

The number of currently active COVID-19 cases in the state stands at 10,244 as of November 21. That’s up 178 cases from November 20.

Of the new positives:

  • 127 were in Ward County
  • 183 were in Cass County
  • 159 were in Burleigh County
  • 48 were in Grand Forks County
  • 78 were in Morton County
  • 62 were in Stark County
  • 30 were in Williams County


6 new deaths were reported:

  • Woman in her 70s from Barnes County.
  • Man in his 80s from Cass County.
  • Man in his 80s from Dickey County.
  • Man in his 70s from Foster County.
  • Man in his 80s from Kidder County.
  • Man in his 80s from Sargent County. 

A total of 840 people have died so far in North Dakota as a result of COVID-19.

Of those, 667 are directly attributable to COVID-19 according to official death records. Another 125 deaths are where COVID-19 is not the primary cause of death. A total of 48 death records are pending.

Recoveries and Active Cases

The health department reports 61,599 people are considered recovered from the 72,683 positive cases, an increase of 959 people from November 20.

The number of people reported recovered from COVID-19 on November 21 (959) is lower than the number of new COVID-19 cases reported that day (1,150).

Of the 10,244 active cases in North Dakota as of November 21:

  • Cass County: 1,725
  • Burleigh County: 1,506
  • Ward County: 1,167
  • Grand Forks County: 1,031
  • Morton County: 514
  • Stark County: 386
  • Williams County: 328


315 people are currently hospitalized due to COVID-19 as of November 21, that’s the same amount from November 20. A total of 2,459 hospitalizations have been reported since data tracking began.

Total Positives To Date

  • Cass County: 15,208
  • Burleigh County: 11,050
  • Grand Forks County: 7,651
  • Ward County: 7,078
  • Morton County: 3,761
  • Stark County: 3,344
  • Williams County: 2,849
  • Mountrail County: 1,014

Other county numbers are available here.

Other Data

A total of 337,885 unique individual tests have been conducted to date.

Since tracking began, COVID-19 cases have been reported at one time or another in all 53 of North Dakota’s counties.

Those in the 20 to 29 year age range have the most positive cases among those tested to date.

According to the data, 43 percent of all North Dakotans have been tested for COVID-19.

The health department is releasing test results daily around 11:00 a.m. The results cover all testing performed the previous day.

You can read more on the daily statistics as well as other COVID-19 information and resources at the North Dakota Department of Health website here.


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