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COVID-19: Mayo Clinic Situation Update – KTTC


Nov 25, 2020

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) — As COVID-19 cases surge in the Midwest, the number one ranked hospital in the nation has been working hard to stay on top of the situation.

In the midst of all the updates, there is good news from Mayo.

The good news shared in Tuesday’s situation update is the positivity rate went down, putting Rochester below 10%.

We also learned Mayo staff is contracting the virus from community spread, but the number of staff members who are currently infected with COVID-19 across the Midwest has decreased slightly compared to last week.

Mayo Clinic Executive Dean, Amy Williams

“Over the weekend we did see a drop in the number of tests that were being done which might be a sign that we are having less people being exposed in the community,” Mayo Clinic Executive Dean Amy Williams said.

Nearly a week ago, we learned more than 900 staff members at Mayo Clinic Health System were diagnosed with COVID-19 over the previous two weeks.

On Tuesday, Williams said the clinic has been able to stay on top of things.

“This is a key to how we have been able to manage throughout the Midwest is using our entire system,” Williams said. “We’ve also hired or taken in supplemental staff that have retired. Now this is newly retired people still licensed.”

However, it’s not a long-term solution.

“We do have staff to cover the gaps that are created by COVID, but the more gaps we see the harder it will be to cover them,” Williams said.

Another positive development is a new antibody treatment is going well.

“We’ve infused over 105 individuals with monoclonal antibodies. It’s going incredibly well,” Williams said.

As some things are headed in the right direction, Mayo is also preparing for another surge of cases needing hospitalization.

“We are all planning and are ready for a surge that we anticipate two weeks after Thanksgiving, after all the gatherings and all of the traveling. So please wear your mask, social distance and hand hygiene,” Williams said. “It is key. It is key to decrease the surge and decrease the burden on our hospitals.”

As of Tuesday, Williams gave a situation update on patients hospitalized across Mayo Clinic Health System.

• Rochester, Minnesota, 87 patients, including 27 in the ICU.

•           Northwest Wisconsin ― 84 patients, including 11 in the ICU.

•           Southeast Minnesota ― 24 patients, including 2 in the ICU.

•           Southwest Minnesota ― 42 patients, including 10 in the ICU.

•           Southwest Wisconsin ― 33 patients, including 3 in the ICU.


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