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Coronavirus in DC, Maryland, Virginia: What to Know on Nov. 29 – NBC4 Washington


Nov 30, 2020

D.C. officials flagged a high daily COVID-19 case rate and long testing turnaround times on Sunday. 

Data released by the District says the seven-day average of cases per 100,000 residents now tops 27. D.C. flagged this metric as red in its system of green, yellow or red indicators. The average test turnaround time also is red and tops four days. 

D.C. announced another 140 cases of the virus on Sunday. Two more people died, including a 49-year-old man. 

Black residents continue to disproportionately be killed by the virus. Seventy-four percent of D.C. residents who died of COVID-19 were Black or African American, the city said. Black residents make up an estimated 46% of the city’s population. 

A day earlier, D.C. announced more new coronavirus infections on Saturday than on any other day since the pandemic began. The number of new infections was 371 on Saturday. The District only once before diagnosed more than 300 new cases in a single day, on May 1.

Sunday’s number was 140 cases. 

What the Data Shows

D.C. announced on Sunday another 140 cases of COVID-19 and two more deaths. In Maryland, another 1,999 people tested positive. Twenty-three more deaths were announced. And in Virginia, another 1,614 people tested positive and four more people died. 

The seven-day rolling average of cases was about steady in all three jurisdictions, as compared with previous days.

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How to Stay Safe

There are ways to lower your risk of catching coronavirus. Here are guidelines from the CDC:

  • Anyone over the age of 2 should wear a mask or face covering. Keep it over your nose and mouth.
  • Wash your hands often. When you do, scrub with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. As a backup, use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.
  • Avoid close contact with anyone who lives outside your home. That means staying six feet away from anyone outside your circle, even if you’re wearing masks.
  • Always cover coughs and sneezes.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces.

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