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Four deaths, 44 new COVID-19 cases in Brazos County – KBTX


Dec 5, 2020

BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) -The Brazos County Health District has reported 44 additional positive cases of COVID-19 in Brazos County. Currently, there are 806 active cases.

Four new deaths have been reported in the last 24 hours. Health officials say the patients were two hospitalized males in their 70′s and two hospitalized males in their 80′s. There have been 96 total deaths in Brazos County related to COVID-19.

8,936 patients are classified as recovered, which means they have been fever-free for 72 hours without fever-reducing medications, and it has been 10 days after onset of symptoms.

34 percent of the new confirmed cases is from the 18-24 year old age group.

There have been 1,778 probable cases in Brazos County since June 18, 2020. A probable COVID-19 case is determined by a positive antigen test. Confirmed COVID-19 cases are determined by a positive PCR test. The health district conducts case investigations on all confirmed and probable cases.

There are currently 315 active probable cases and there have been 1,463 probable recovered cases.

The total number of confirmed positive cases in the county since testing began is 9,838. There have been 103,704 tests performed.

The Brazos County hospital total bed occupancy is at 82 percent, and the total ICU bed occupancy is at 63 percent.

Currently, there are 23 Brazos County residents hospitalized for COVID-19.


County Active Cases Total Cases
Austin 81 662
Brazos 806 9,838
Burleson 100 681
Grimes 143 1,429
Houston 65 580
Lee 39 318
Leon 43 457
Madison 44 874
Milam 46 690
Montgomery 3,993 18,934
Robertson 82 540
San Jacinto 6 261
Trinity 11 232
Walker 278 4,513
Waller 138 1,266
Washington 131 985

Most of the Brazos Valley falls under state trauma service area N (Brazos, Burleson, Grimes, Leon, Madison, Robertson and Washington counties). Trauma Service Area N currently reports 619 staffed hospital beds with 99 beds available. According to the state’s latest data, the region has 7 available ICU beds and 57 available ventilators. The state’s last update listed 74 lab-confirmed COVID-19 patients currently in the hospital.

Austin County has reported 81 active cases of COVID-19 . The county has 662 total cases and 569 recovered cases and 12 deaths.

Burleson County currently has 100 active cases of COVID-19. The county has 681 total cases, and 572 cases have recovered. There have been 9 deaths.

Grimes County currently has 143 active cases. There have been 1,429 total cases, 1,245 recoveries and 41 deaths.

Houston County has confirmed 580 total cases of COVID-19. There are 65 active cases and 499 cases are recovered. There have been 16 COVID-19 related deaths.

Lee County has reported 39 active cases. The county has a total of 318 cases, with 260 recoveries and 19 deaths.

Leon County currently has 43 active cases. The county has 457 total cases, with 398 recoveries and 16 deaths.

Madison County has reported 44 active cases. The county has a total of 874 cases with 815 recoveries and 15 deaths.

Milam County currently has 46 active cases of COVID-19. There have been 690 total cases and 644 recovered cases. There have been 9 COVID-19 deaths.

Montgomery County has 3,993 active cases of COVID-19. There have been 18,934 total cases and 11,335 recovered cases. There are currently 30 people hospitalized, and there have been 176 COVID-19 deaths.

Robertson County has 82 active COVID-19 cases, with 540 total cases. Currently, 450 patients have recovered and there has been 8 reported deaths.

San Jacinto County currently has 6 active cases of COVID-19. The county has a total of 261 cases with 240 recoveries and 15 deaths.

Trinity County currently has 11 active cases of COVID-19. The county has 232 total cases with 212 recoveries and 9 deaths.

Walker County currently has 278 active cases of COVID-19. The county has 4,513 total cases with 4,101 recoveries and 69 deaths.

Waller County currently has 138 active cases of COVID-19. The county has 1,266 total cases with 1,109 recoveries and 19 deaths.

Washington County currently has 131 active cases of COVID-19. The county has 985 total cases with 800 recoveries and 54 deaths.

For the latest updates from TDCJ, click here.

Texas A&M University

The Texas A&M COVID-19 Dashboard reported 40 new cases and 163 active cases on Dec. 1.

Currently, the university has reported 3,811 positive cases, 7.1 percent of tests have come back positive.

The dashboard’s last update was provided on Dec. 3, 2020.


[View the state’s coronavirus dashboard for the latest COVID-19 case information.]

Statewide, Texas has an estimated 197,126 active cases and 1,012,700 recoveries. There have been 1,228,812 total cases reported and 11,111,036 total tests (both viral and antibody).

To date, 22,255 Texans have died from COVID-19.

254 of 254 counties in the state of Texas are currently reporting cases. Harris County leads the state in total cases with 194,899 cases reported.

The state’s last update was provided on December 4 at 3:30 p.m.

Editor’s note: Leon County updates their cases every Wednesday. KBTX uses the State Dashboard, which updates daily, for a more accurate reading of cases.

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