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How does the COVID vaccine work? We made you a comic to explain. – NJ.com


Feb 22, 2021
FOR PROJECT USE ONLY Comic NJ.com woman getting vaccine

Click here to read: “How the COVID vaccine can save your life”

Our bodies are full of superheroes and evil villains. We’ve learned firsthand in the past year just what a super-villain COVID-19 can be.

But there’s finally hope in the battle against the virus — in the form of mRNA vaccinations.

Most of us have seen the word mRNA floating around. It’s the powerful ingredient in the first coronavirus vaccinations to come to market in the United States. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines use the mRNA like a blueprint to teach our bodies how to fight off the virus.

But how does it work? We talked to top New Jersey doctors to get an explanation and then grabbed our (digital) crayons to make you a comic!

Click here to read: “How the COVID vaccine can save your life”

Cassidy Grom is a reporter and developer at NJ.com. Reach her at cgrom@njadvancemedia.com Follow her at @cassidygrom.


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