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Tuesdays Coronavirus Updates: 5610 new cases and 148 new deaths reported – Wink News


Feb 24, 2021


As of 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, there have been 1,878,533 positive cases of the coronavirus recorded in the state. The case count includes 1,844,228 Florida residents and 34,305 non-Florida residents. There are 30,213 Florida resident deaths reported, 536 non-resident deaths, and 78,212 hospitalizations at some point during illness, according to the Florida Department of Health.

According to the CDC, Florida has recorded 433 positive cases of the UK COVID-19 variant B.1.1.7, as of Feb. 18. The Florida Department of Health and the CDC began investigating the evidence of the first known case of the UK COVID-19 variant on Dec. 31, 2020.

*Numbers are released by the DOH every afternoon.


Total number of recorded cases: 1,878,533 (up from 1,872,923)
Florida resident deaths: 30,213 (up from 30,065)
Non-resident deaths: 536 (up from 530)
Total deaths in state (Fla./non-Fla. residents combined): 30,749 (up from 30,595)

  • 5,610 total new cases reported Tuesday
  • 148 new resident deaths reported Tuesday
  • 6 new non-resident deaths reported Tuesday
  • Percent positive for new cases in Fla. residents: 6.82%
    • This percent is the number of people who test PCR- or antigen-positive for the first time divided by all the people tested that day, excluding people who have previously tested positive. 


Total recorded cases in SWFL: 106,227 (up from 105,910)
Deaths: 1,830 (up from 1,818)

  • 317 total new cases reported Tuesday
  • 12 new death reported Tuesday

Lee County: 56,937 cases (up from 56,787) – 870 deaths (5 new deaths)
Collier County: 29,865 (up from 29,751) – 448 deaths (5 new)
Charlotte County: 10,567 (up from 10,537) – 355 deaths
DeSoto County: 3,706 (up from 3,685) – 72 deaths
Glades County: 896 (up from 895) – 15 deaths
Hendry County: 4,256 (up from 4,255) – 70 deaths (2 new)

Click HERE* for a case-by-case breakdown – updated daily.

*If not linked, the final report has not yet been made available.


Effective Oct. 27, the Florida Department of Health ceased releasing data showing overall testing numbers. Their statement: “The Florida Department of Health is making adjustments to the COVID-19 dashboard and daily report to provide clear, accurate information for Florida families. Moving forward, the daily report will focus on the number of tests reported to the state by day and the corresponding positivity rate by day. The previously reported cumulative number did not reflect the current status of the pandemic in Florida. This change is in line with the CDC recommendation that calculation of percent positivity [is] applied consistently and with clear communication, will allow public health officials to follow magnitude and trends effectively, and the trends will be useful for local public health decision making.”


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The Florida Department of Health has a 24-hour COVID-19 Call Center at 1-866-779-6121. Questions may also be emailed to [email protected]. Email responses will be sent during call center hours.

LINKFlorida Department of Health COVID-19 updates

*The map is best viewed on a desktop computer. If you don’t see the map above tap HERE for a fullscreen version.


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